Meet the EDISS team – part 1

In this blog post you get to know a part of the EDISS team from all the programme universities. The team members answer the following questions:

  1. Why would you encourage interested people to apply for EDISS?
  2. What is the best thing about the university you work in?
  3. What are your personal interests?

Henry Muccini 
Full Professor in Computer Science 
University of L’Aquila 

L’Aquila, Italy

  1. The future of software is being driven by intelligent systems. According to Gartner, intelligent systems are enterprise applications with embedded AI technologies, data-driven insights, and guided recommendations to improve productivity and decision making. 

    EDISS is about AI and ML. EDISS is about data science. EDISS is about Engineering Software. EDISS is about a holistic view of AI/ML, data science and software engineering, and provides you all the needed competences to engineer and develop quality software that will run on next generation systems.  

  2. The University is in a mid-scale city, surrounded by beautiful mountains and close to the coast. My Department counts most of the internationalization activities, with four Erasmus Mundus Master Degrees running in parallel on different areas of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. It is like a big family of super motivated researchers and professors, with extremely high academic records and teaching experience. Come and meet us.  

  3. I like indoor cycling, with high volume music, rhythmic lights and sound. It is not only a matter of (moderate) physical training, but it is more about overcoming our own limitations and bringing ourselves to the next level.  

    I love my family with my two kids: when I teach to my students, I try to bring the feedbacks that I get from my kids’ experience at school, into my class: you, younger generation, leave in a world that is very different from what it was just ten years ago, and we professors need to know a bit of it (I am not a follower, but I got to know a lot about Fortnite, Twitch, Kahoot, etc). 

    Last but not least, I love business trips. I am missing them a lot (ten months not taking an airplane… crazy!) as well as my international friends and colleagues. I will remedy as soon as allowed. 

Jan Carlson 
Professor in Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering 
Mälardalen University  
Västerås, Sweden 

  1. Machine learning is quickly becoming an important concern in almost every industrial domain, and there is an increasing demand for people who understand how to construct and maintain this type of software.  
  2. I really like the friendly and collaborative atmosphere at Mälardalen University, and the short distance between students and teachers. Also, a lot of great, industrially relevant research is being done here.
  3. Bouldering, and recently I’m spending more time than I would like to admit playing Rocket League

Julián Proenza  
Associate Professor in Computer Technology  
University of the Balearic Islands
Palma, Spain 

  1.  Besides the obvious quality guarantee that being part of an EMJMD implies, I think one of the most relevant advantages of EDISS is the previous experience of all involved partner universities in previous similar joint projects. That makes the consortium behind EDISS a very strong one, very used to work together to ensure the necessary coordination. 
  2. UIB is a rather young university which has managed to get a relevant position among Spanish universities, thanks to its research, teaching and internationalization activities. Many young and committed professionals are working together in UIB to make it even stronger.
  3. When I am not working, I like many of the amazing things that come with being alive, such as, breathing, drinking Japanese green tea, enjoying food and red wine, travelling, watching good films and tv series, learning about so many interesting things that are not related to my area of expertise, and practicing some sports

Giuseppe Della Penna 

Associate Professor in Computer Science 

University of L’Aquila 

L’Aquila, Italy 

  1.  In the current globalized world, the opportunity to know two different cultures, study in two different universities, and, finally, get a double degree is important not only for the job opportunities, but also to become a better global citizen.
  2. The computer science group in L’Aquila is mainly composed of young researchers, very skilled with the latest technologies, and always available to help the students.
  3. When I am not working on computer science… I like playing with computer science. I find this discipline so wide and pervasive that there is always something new to try, apply, or simply enjoy. Since I live near the sea, when I am tired, I like taking long walks on the shore or swimming.

Ann-Christine Wendelin 
Project coordinator
Åbo Akademi University 
Turku, Finland 

  1. EDISS is a truly international programme that help students to get out of their comfort zones while learning new skills that are valuable for the future. What more reasons do you need? 
  2. In my opinion, one of the strengths of Åbo Akademi University is that it is a compact university with low hierarchy between students, teachers and other staff. As a former student, myself, I can tell that you always get help when you need it. 
  3. Traveling is one of my biggest interests, since it allows me to experience new cultures and to meet people from all around the world. Other than that, I enjoy winter swimming, yoga, figure skating and languages.  

Last updated on 7 December 2020