Meet the EDISS team – part 2

Presentations of the EDISS team members continue! In this blog post, the rest of the team members answer the following questions:

  1. Why would you encourage interested people to apply for EDISS?
  2. What is the best thing about the university you work in?
  3. What are your personal interests?

Sébastien Lafond

Adjunct Professor in Computer Engineering 

Åbo Akademi University

Turku, Finland

  1. In addition to provide the chance to discover two different European countries and cultures, EDISS offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the core skills for the development of tomorrow’s intelligent software systems. EDISS combines the data-science, AI/ML and software engineering fields in one programme. The growth in demand for expertise in these fields has made EDISS in line with the job market for graduate students. 
  2. At Åbo Akademi University you can easily approach the teaching and administrative staff without feeling a strongly established hierarchy between the persons. Åbo Akademi University is small enough for our professors to be easily accessible by all students. Finnish education system has been ranked the best in the world many times over and Åbo Akademi University has a profound history of academic excellence.  
  3. I enjoy the Finnish nature and its sharp contrasts between the seasons, forest excursions and picking berries and mushrooms. Finnish everyman’s rights gives the right to everyone in Finland to enjoy outdoor pursuits regardless of who owns or occupies an area. I also spent much of my free time in house renovation projects. 

Sepinoud Azimi

Adjunct Professor in Biomedical Data Analytics  

Åbo Akademi University

Turku, Finland

  1. We are entering a new era in which every aspects of our lives are AI-flavored. In a world forming around AI and its application, EDISS is an ideal place to gain a competitive edge in the job market. EDISS graduates hold a degree, enhanced by hands-on experience, that is highly valued on one of the hottest topics of our time. EDISS is a gateway to the ideal professional life, as well as the stage to become internationally minded and build lasting collaborative network. 
  2. The dynamic, collaborative community is one of the strong points at the department of Information Technologies. No matter the career level, you always have the chance to be heard and supported. I love the fact that what matters is the idea, and not the seniority level.  
  3.  Travel and cooking are the first things that come to mind. I love to travel for the cultural experience and for food. I, very much, like the horizon broadening that comes with travelling. I also enjoy spending time in the nature, and Finland is an ideal place to explore it at your doorstep. I am also passionate about writing, from articles to short stories. I am a strong supporter and advocate for gender equality in technological fields. I believe, the world needs to welcome and integrate, different perspective from all genders and backgrounds.

Radu Dobrin

Associate professor in computer science 

Mälardalen University  

Västerås, Sweden 

  1. The digitalization of everything, along with the AI revolution is increasingly becoming part of everyday life. EDISS is offering the knowledge and tools to be able to understand and design complex intelligent software software system in a truly international environment. Take this unique opportunity to become one of the designers of the future! 
  2. Well established international student environment with tight connections to well known companies. The university location in the city with the largest “small-boats” marina in the world – Västerås! 
  3. Sailing and football (rather playing than watching),  whenever time permits. 

Heidi Karlsson

Academic Affairs Coordinator at the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Åbo Akademi University

Turku, Finland

  1. EDISS offers a unique opportunity to gain a master degree in an field in IT that is very relevant and important now and in the future, and at the same time experience student life and the culture of two different countries.
  2. Åbo Akademi University is a small university in the sense that the hierarchy is low and for students this means that both teachers and administrative personnel are easily accessible. At the same time the range of programmes and subjects is broad and diverse. The campus is in a nice area by the river in the city center and it is easy to walk or take the bike everywhere.
  3. Outdoor life, staying at our summer cottage by the sea, flea markets

Caroline Jullien

International marketing & programme administration trainee

Åbo Akademi University

Turku, Finland

  1. The international experience you’d gain from completing such a program would certainly bring you a lot of valuable assets, not only on the job market but also as a way to develop yourself. Moreover, the opportunity to choose a specialization in the second year of the curriculum will allow you to tailor your education to your best wishes.
  2. The ability to study and work within a flat hierarchy, in an office close to the center, and as part of an international team.
  3. I’m an avid traveller who also enjoys language learning and discovering new cultures. I also love to draw and read.

Last updated on 9 February 2021