Cost of living

An estimate of living costs for the cities hosting EDISS students is shown below. The figures are intended as a guide only and will vary depending on individual lifestyle and spending habits.

The following example of a feasible monthly budget will give you an idea of the living expenses in Västerås, Sweden:

  • Accommodation: 385€
  • Food: 240€
  • Insurance, medical care, hygiene: 40€
  • Phone/Internet: 60€
  • Local travel: 25€
  • Clothing, hobby/leisure, other: 67€

This amount is only an example and will vary considerably depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.

Indicative cost of living expenses per month:

  • 250-350 euros for accommodation and related expenses (including utilities).
  • 300 euros for meals
  • 30 euros for public transportation in l'Aquilla

A student meal costs on average 2,30 euros.

Indicative cost of living expenses per month:

  • Housing: 250-350€ in a shared flat.
  • Food: 250-300€
  • Local transportation: 25€
  • School supplies: 100€
  • Miscellaneous: 150-200€

Housing providers are typically going to ask for a deposit fee which will be reimbursed to the student when leaving the house.

The cost of local transportation is calculated assuming the student has the transportation card that is accessible once registered at the university.

The fee for the UIB sports center (optional) is  124€ for 6 months or 156€ for 12 months (instalment payment is possible)

Last updated on 13 October 2020