Evaluation criteria

All eligible applications that have been submitted by the application deadline (of both round 1 and round 2) with the required enclosures (in pdf/video format) will be considered in the student admission for the EDISS programme. All eligible applications submitted during the first application round (1 November 2023 – 2 January 2024) will automatically be considered for the EMJMD scholarships. During the second application round for self-paying students only (1-11 March 2024) no scholarships are given. Applications that are not completed by the given deadline of the application round in question will automatically be considered ineligible.

All the eligible applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Criterion 1Academic merit, evaluation scale: 0-70 points
The academic merit of the applicant will be assessed based on the obtained grades of the applicant in his/her previous study programme(s). Special attention will be put on the grades received in courses in computer science (e.g. programming, algorithms and data structures), computer architecture, computer networks, software engineering, mathematics and thesis work. The submitted transcript of records and degree certificate(s) will be used to assess the academic merit of the applicants.

Criterion 2: Previous relevant experiences, evaluation scale: 0-15 points
The previous relevant experiences will be assessed based on the information provided in the application form. Applicants will have the possibility to describe possible previous experiences (professional experience, other academic experience, volunteer experience, entrepreneurial experience, international experience and other relevant experience) and to upload corresponding documents supporting the description of previous experiences (certificates, diplomas, professional certifications, publications, etc…). In addition, the applicant’s CV will be used to assess the previous relevant experiences of the applicant.

Criterion 3: Personal motivation, evaluation scale: 0-10 points
The evaluation of the applicant’s personal motivation is based on his/her answers to written questions (available on the application form) as well as to a video question. The length of the written answers is indicated in the application form. In the video to be uploaded (2min +/- 30 seconds) the applicant will be asked to answer the question: “What is your main motivation to apply for the EDISS programme and why should you be chosen to the programme?”

Criterion 4: Recommendations, evaluation scale: 0-5 points
The recommendations will be assessed based on the content of the provided two academic recommendation letters.

The ranking of applicants is made according to the total score. Whenever two or more applicants have the same total points, the one who has a higher score in academic merit will be placed first.
The admission process is competitive and only the best applicants are selected. The admission and selection process are the same for both application rounds.