Our Story

As demand for AI, software engineering, machine learning and data science increases, EDISS brought together a consortium of four universities to bring our students to the forefront of the field within the excellency framework of an EMJMD degree.

The story of EDISS started over 20 years ago from a collaboration that united Ivica Crnkovic from Mälardalen University and Henry Muccini from the University of l’Aquila.

Our timeline!

2000: First collaboration between Mälardalen University and the University of l’Aquila

2006: Some of the future members of the EDISS team meet while creating the GSEEM programme

2009: More future members join during the EURECA, a Eurasian mobility project

2011: Another mobility project is launched with the Western Balkans, EUROWEB, which already involves Åbo Akademi and the University of the Balearic Islands.

2015: EUROWEB+ program, the continuation of EUROWEB, starts.

2018: EUROWEB+ project ends, but the international friendships and desire to work together remain.

2018: The first student intake of the NISS masters, that involves Sébastien Lafond from Åbo Akademi, as well as Radu Dobrin and Jan Carlson from Mälardalen University, arrives!

2019: A meeting with the future members of the EDISS consortium takes place in Palma, Spain, and EDISS is born.

Working together on different projects and strengthening international networks led to the creation of EDISS. International friendships, research projects and collaborations are at the heart of the programme!

2020: The admission process for the very first EDISS intake starts in December.

2021: The students in the first EDISS intake are admitted to the programme and they start their studies in Finland in August.

2023: The first EDISS students graduated with a double degree, a Master of Science degree (Technology) from Åbo Akademi University together with one of the following degrees from the second year university:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science or Master of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering (depending on the chosen courses) from Mälardalen University
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of l’Aquila
  • Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems from the University of the Balearic Islands
L'Aquila, 2016
Rome, 2016
Palma, 2018
Turku, 2017

L’Aquila, 2016

Roma_2016-04-21 19.22.15

Rome, 2016

Majorca2018oct – 1

Palma, 2018


Turku, 2017


Podgorica, 2016

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EDISS was born out of the need to bring data science and software engineering together. We strive to offer an international environment that encourages cultural exchange and to provide the best of each world. We also prepare our students to face the job market with the best tools in hand through quality teaching and numerous partnerships with associate industrial partners.

After 20 years of work and collaboration, the EDISS team is proud to welcome our first intake and to write the rest of the story together!

The team in Porte Cristo (Mallorca) in 2018!