EDISS brings together software engineering educators working in data collection, data-driven assessment, and decision-making for both design- and runtime and software engineers, architects and data scientists working on data pipelines, data architectures, DataOps and in experimentation systems. Such synergy leads to sharing knowledge and expertise, and thus creates new ideas and impactful solutions. 

EDISS will educate experts who can masterfully integrate data science and ML solutions into software and system engineering processes.

Programme Design

EDISS is a two-year programme (120 ECTS) based on the collaboration between four university partners. Åbo Akademi University is the entry university for all students and in the second year the students will follow their individual mobility path within one of the three specializations provided by EDISS. For each student the choice of the second year institution will be decided, in the second semester of the first year, by the EDISS selection committee based on the student’s list of preferences, his or her academic performance and the teaching staff input.

All students completing the EDISS programme will obtain a double master’s degree from Åbo Akademi University and the institution chosen for the second-year specialization.  

In addition to the mandatory and elective courses offered in the programme, EDISS students will participate in a one-week winter school organized each year during the second semester of the academic year. The programme also includes a mandatory internship for first-year students with an associate company.


Study mobility requirements

Mobility periods cannot be replaced by virtual mobility (distance learning), which implies physical presence of the students is required during the entire Master programme. In addition, they cannot take place in institutions outside the EMJMD consortium (i.e. partners and/or associated partners).

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Last updated on 23 April 2024