How to survive your arrival quarantine?

The start of the EDISS orientation week and the first academic year in the programme is getting closer and closer. Some admitted EDISS students might already have arrived safe and sound in Turku while some are still waiting for their flight to Finland. While the excitement to visit a new city and country right after arrival might be huge, due to the ongoing pandemic incoming international students are to follow quarantine procedures for the first days. Thus, we have compiled a small list of activities and ideas on what to do while on quarantine in a new country.

  • Video call your family and friends back home to tell them about your trip
  • If you need to buy any furniture, check the websites of e.g. IKEA and Ekotori and make a list of items that you could buy to your new apartment
  • Stay active! Do some yoga, stretching or easy workout exercises in your apartment. You can find inspiration for easy workout exercises from WHO.
  • Learn the Finnish words in the shopping list below so that you can survive your first supermarket visit after the quarantine
  • Decide on which outfit you will wear on your first day of university
  • Watch the EDISS course video series on YouTube and get prepared to your classes!
  • Draw a funny self-portrait! Additional task, if you want, post it in Instagram and tag @edissprogramme for everyone to see your piece of art!
  • Get to know Turku beforehand by watching a virtual 360 tour of the city
  • Write a letter to your future self where you congratulate yourself on graduating the EDISS programme with flying colors! When the letter is ready, place it in a sealed envelope. When your quarantine is over, you can send the letter to your home address where it will wait for you until you go back to your home country (or alternatively find another way to keep the letter so that you will “forget” about it for the 2 years before graduation). And remember, you can only open the letter when you have graduated from the EDISS programme; how fun it will be to read your thoughts and to see how everything turned out!

Last updated on 10 August 2021