Student interview: Aarohi Garg

Aarohi is a 2nd year student in the EDISS Programme. She was interviewed in May, when still studying at Åbo Akademi University. This year Arohi continued her studies at the University of  I´Aquila. In the Interview Aarohi talks about the valuable experience she got from working with a diverse group of people and the importance of them in her life abroad.

Why did you choose to apply for the EDISS-program?  

Firstly, it is an Erasmus Mundus program, so you get fully funded scholarship for your masters, well who doesn’t want that? Secondly, I wanted to do my master’s in data-science, so when I was browsing through all the courses in the ERASMUS Mundus catalogue, EDISS seemed the most appropriate choice. And finally, you get to do your master’s in two different countries and explore the educational facilities of two countries and their diversities in cultures.   

Now that you are here, how would you describe EDISS, what is it about and what have you learned so far?  

From an academic point of view, EDISS mostly consists of courses like data-science, machine-learning and artificial intelligence. It’s basically working on multiple projects parallelly. But for me personally, EDISS is more than just studies. You meet new diversities of people, bond with them and make friends for a lifetime. You work on projects in teams, so personally it was never boring for me and EDISS made learning interesting, fun and enjoyable.  

How has the financing worked for you?  

Under the ERASMUS Mundus scholarship, the tuition fee for the university is already covered, plus you receive a thousand euros per month for your living costs. For me personally, that is more than enough, and I have been living comfortably, enjoying good restaurants and going on trips. Also, Finland offers university-subsidised accommodation and subsidised daily meals for students so one can live affordably within this budget, if you are not a lavish spender.   

What do you think about studying in Finland, what has it been like?  

Finland provides an all-around student experience. In terms of studies, it focuses more on project-based learning rather than theoretical learning unlike in my home country. Which I personally think is a great way. Also, professors focus more on working in teams on projects, so any project was never boring for me. Apart from studies you have many student organisations and clubs which organise regular picnics, hikes, parties etc, so you never get. You can socialize and interact as much as you want.  

What have you been doing outside of your studies in Finland?  

I mostly hang out with fellow EDISS students. We usually have boardgame nights, movie nights, going for lunches together, celebrating festivals etc. They are more kind of a family to me right now. Apart from that, I also have campus sport membership which is basically an organisation that regulates sports facilities for university staff and students. They have weekly classes, and they are pretty good.   

Thoughts about the Winter school, internship, and your upcoming exchange year?  

Personally, for me the Winter School is the highlight of EDISS. You go on a fully funded one week trip to a partner country, well who doesn’t want that? It is full of presentations, obviously work, but also fun activities. Almost everybody from EDISS is there, including all the coordinators, students from both years, you have so much to talk and laugh about.   

What are your future plans?  

Starting from September I am moving to Italy for my second-year specialization. I am looking forward to exploring the new city life, new culture and obviously the food. In the long term, I plan to work in Europe somewhere, maybe in Finland, maybe in somewhere other place. I have always been optimistic to explore new opportunities and new places, so I’ll continue to do so. 

Last updated on 22 November 2023